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Camp White Meadow

A Full-Time, 8 Week Summer Camping Experience for the residents of the White Meadow Lake Property Owners Association. Camp White Meadow offers residents of White Meadow Lake in Rockaway, New Jersey a unique, full-time 8-week, day camp program each summer.

Camp Spirit, Continuous Excitement! A great camp experience blends excitement and spontaneity with lots of tradition and spirit. Whether cheering at morning rally, singing at the end of the day, Camp White Meadow’s infectious camp spirit starts the moment campers arrive. Weekly themes and special events, day trips to fun places. Everyone at Camp White Meadow shares one common goal, to put the interest and happiness of our campers first.

For children entering the 7th, 8th or 9th grades we offer a Teen Travel Program which takes children on various field trips 2 days per week around the metropolitan area. Furthermore, we also offer a Counselor in Training (C.I.T.) program to bridge the gap between the time that children can attend the camp and the age that they can begin to work at camp.Camp White Meadow is affordable. We run our camp as a service to our residents with the belief that we can provide our families with a safe, fulfilling, and exciting program at a cost considerably less than other private camps in Morris County or the surrounding areas.

Our camp is overseen by community volunteers that meet year-round at the Clubhouse on the 2nd Wednesday of each month. Residents are truly encouraged to help and participate in this worthwhile community activity. We have created this website to help keep you up to date with the activities, rules and regulations, and scheduling of activities so that you and your child can have a positive camping experience.

Your thoughts and comments are welcome on our “Contact Us” page. Please take the time to review all of the website pages.


As there have been many questions about masking policies for campers and some misinformation spreading out there, Steve and I want to address what the plan is for this summer.


Although the state’s mask mandate has been lifted, there are explicit guidelines for camps specifically. Steve and I, along with our Director, Travis, have examined these guidelines very carefully and thoroughly because we want to be in compliance while providing the kids with a fun, safe, and the least restricted summer possible.


Campers will NOT be required to wear masks while outdoors, which is basically all day at camp. There may be specific situations or circumstances when a child would be asked to wear a mask, but those will not occur for more than a very brief time.


Our groups are small (they were structured this way even before COVID) and much if not all of what they are doing during the day either allows for proper distancing or is considered an “impracticable” situation for mask wearing such as eating, swimming, or being in extreme heat. So rest assured that safety is our top priority, but also that campers will have as close to a normal summer as we can give them.


That being said, campers ARE required to wear masks while on a bus, whether it’s a satellite bus from the clubhouse to the A Field or a trip with K-6 or Teen Travel. This comes from the bus companies as well as the state.


Please reach out to me or Steve if you have any questions or concerns about your child’s upcoming camp experience. We welcome all input.



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